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Semestral: Beginners 1, CEFR level A1-A2

Mendrisio Campus: during lunch time every Monday from 12:55 until 14:25

Candidates must possess the necessary ability to fulfil the essential communicative requirements of normal everyday situations.

The course is intended for those students who have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and attended an absolute beginner A1 level course already.

Level: A1-A2, European Council reference frame

Schedule: 2 consecutive hours without break per week each Monday from 12:55 until 14:25.

When: from Monday September 17 until Monday December 17 (2018)

Where: Accademia di Architettura, Mendrisio, Canavée building.

Teacher: Lara Faccio

Course objectives: to deal with everyday language and describe events using the present and the future. Unit 4 to 6 are studied.

Course load: 2 hours of classroom and a minimum of 2 hours of out-of-class student work per week.

Course content: differenza tra sapere e conoscere, differenza tra andare e venire, introduzione al condizionale, gli avverbi di frequenza, gli avverbi di modo, i verbi fraseologici, le preposizioni semplici e articolate, l’imperativo regolare e irregolare, il futuro semplice regolare e irregolare, l’espressione aver bisogno di, i verbi riflessivi (ripasso), l’avverbio di luogo ci, il verbo piacere, i partitivi, gli indefiniti nessuno, poco, alcuni, un po’, molto, troppo, gli aggettivi e i pronomi dimostrativi questo e quello, i nomi irregolari, gli interrogativi (ripasso).

Prerequisites: numeri, articoli determinativi e indeterminativi singolari e plurali, plurale dei nomi, pronomi personali e riflessivi, ausiliari, esserci, verbi regolari e irregolari al presente, verbi riflessivi, concordanza degli aggettivi, aggettivi e pronomi possessivi, interrogativi.

Entrance test: all higher level courses require knowledge of material covered in other courses. A definitive decision about admission can consequently be taken only after the entrance test organized the first day. The lecturer will address participants who chose the wrong level to the correct one after the first lesson.

Final test: a number of different assessment procedures are conducted during the course, including an end of term test. This is a one hour test, and includes a short listening comprehension and some grammar exercises. The test takes place in week 13 of the running semester.

Handbook: the course material is not covered by the University and must be purchased by the student before the start of the course. Title: Marco Mezzadri, “Italiano Plus A1-A2”, Volume 1, Bonacci editore, 2015, ISBN 9788820108816

Certificate of attendance: a regular and active attendance is compulsory after enrolment. All students who attended at least the 75% of the course and took the final exam will receive a certificate of attendance.

ECTS points: no ECTS are given except for SEMP (ex Erasmus), Swiss Mobility and International Exchange students who will be awarded 1 ECTS credit point after successful completion of the course.

Online application: http://www.italiancourse.usi.ch/architecture/architecture-semestral-courses-subscription/